Thursday, September 19, 2013

The History of G.I. Joe Part 5- 1964, Hasbro, and the first toys

Well, I finally got to the actual toys. The year is 1964, and there's a new action hero on the block. Four, actually. And their names are Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Marine, and Action Pilot. They have weird names.

Also, a brief history of Hasbro, about three more Jem references than a show about 60s G.I. Joe ought to have, and, if the thumbnail is to be believed, a guest appearance by the Penguin.

For a closer look at the toys discussed in this video, visit Vintage 3d Joes.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The History of G.I. Joe Part 4: Barbie!

We cruise into our discussion of Hasbro's universal soldier with a look at Mattel's universal everywoman. In addition to an overview of all things Barbie, I take a little peek at Barbie's very first comic book. It... was interesting. See for yourself!

Special thanks to Timmer for appearing in this episode. You can catch him every week reviewing 80s Joe comics, cartoons, and more at